Man Who Wants To Ban Abortions Asked Simple Question That Stuns Him (Video)

Rep. Jim Buchy (R) Ohio
Rep. Jim Buchy (R) Ohio

The other day I was watching the closing credits for an old Christmas movie from the sixties.

Every single name of a person involved with making the movie was male.

I’ve started doing that now: noting the names of those who made movies several decades ago, since 99.9% of those in the business of making movies back then were men.

It’s just how it was. I was reminded of that today when I watched a video of yet another man trying to pass legislation about the female body. Men were (and in a lot cases still are) in complete control of the framework in which women live out their lives: from entertainment to legislation about our bodies.

The man you’re about to see is Rep. Jim Buchy. He’s a state senator from Ohio. Republican, of course. Buchy is the co-sponsor of a bill in his state to reduce the amount of time a woman has to get an abortion. Basically Rep. Buchy wants no legal abortions at all in Ohio, except to save a woman’s life.

In the interview you’re about to watch, Buchy is blindsided by a question from a reporter. It’s the most basic question about women and abortions he could probably be asked, and yet he admits he’s never even thought about it once — all while doing his best to ban abortion in Ohio.

As Upworthy notes, maybe someone who hasn’t considered this question “shouldn’t use the power of public office to legislate against things you admit you don’t understand.” Check out the video below:

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