Man With 100 Wives and 200 Kids Dies; Family Plans Funeral On Facebook

Akuku Danger
Akuku Danger with four of his wives and one child

It’s my day to post about awkward moments with multiple partners.

That rescued Chilean miner got into hot water with his wife and girlfriend, but their logistical issues can’t hold a candle to this Kenyan family.

Problems monogamous people never have: how do you plan a funeral for a man who had over 100 wives?

A Kenyan family is grappling with this issue after the death of Acentus Akuku “Danger” (he earned that nickname because of his “dangerous” good looks).

One of Akuku’s grandsons is planning his funeral on Facebook. He’s hoping to gather all of Akuku’s 100 wives and 200 children at the event. So far over 2500 people have liked the page. The comments are filled with outpourings of warmth and love for this man, who died in his late 90s.

Beyond the moral or ethical issues this man’s life might raise, can you imagine the logistical hassles? Planning an event for hundreds of people is just the tip of the iceberg: how did they all live? How do you maintain relationships with 200 children? How do you have time to marry 100 women? It’s hard to imagine he even saw some of them more than once.

But clearly it worked. The comments on his memorial page are full of women saying he supported them, treated them fairly, and that they loved him. Sure, there must have been day-to-day squabbles: what family doesn’t have those. Just like any other family, though, it seems Akuku Danger held his together with love.

Photo: facebook

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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