Many Parents Still Object To Interracial Dating and Marriage

I live in New York City, a widely liberal city where seeing an interracial couple is no big deal. It’s a commonplace sight and no one ever really has a problem with it, right? Well, not totally correct, according to a new study which says that many parents still object to their kids dating interracially.

Ironically, there has been a steady increase in interracial dating and marriage since the 80s, reports Huffington Post. In 1980, 6.7 percent of marriages were interracial. By 2008, it was 15 percent.

The concern for many parents seems to be whether the couple will face more challenges as a result of marrying outside of their race. Or at least that’s what they say publicly. We all have a friend whose parents were upset when they dated outside their race, and we all know a couple or two whose in-laws don’t like them simply because of their race or nationality.

Yet our teens, two generations ahead of our parents, are probably the most open-minded when it comes to race. You’ll likely notice that interracial teen couples are on the rise yet at the same time, are just a matter of fact. There is such less of a racial divide in today’s generation of kids. It seems that our children have been able to break the barrier of prejudice where many in our own generation still haven’t been quite able to do that just yet.

Do you know parents who won’t let their teens date outside their race? Would you be comfortable with your son or daughter bringing home someone of a different race? What do they think?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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