Marie Mccormick Kruger Hits the Clubs with Teen Daughter Eliza Kruger? Is That So Wrong?

It reads like a subplot from Gossip Girl. A wealthy divorcee hitting the Manhattan hot spots, partying with her underage daughter, a daughter who goes on to have a fling with a famous football player. A relationship that makes headline news. If Gossip Girl hasn’t already included this storyline into one of their seasons, they totally could. It’s basically already been written for them ala ripped from the headlines style with the reality allegedly lived by Marie Mccormick Kruger and daughter Eliza Kruger.

Eliza Kruger is the 17-year-old who is in the middle of the Mark Sanchez scandal. She reportedly talked to about a relationship she had with the 24-year-old New York Jets player. The story got juicier when it was revealed that her father is Konrad “Chip” Kruger, the multi-millionaire financier. And now there is word that her mom Marie Mccormick Kruger not only condoned her daughter’s nightclubbing but would go and party with her, and at a very young age.

The New York Post issued a story quoting a source who said that, “Eliza has been going to clubs since she was 15, sometimes with her mom.”  And it’s not just Eliza who’s known by the club scene, “a lot of the club guys in the city know her mom well,” the source said.

But is it wrong to go nightclubbing with your offspring. Wouldn’t you rather be with them, overseeing their actions, then having them go by themselves. Apparently Marie Mccormick Kruger wasn’t with her the night she met Mark Sanchez. But if she had been, would she have stopped her daughter from hooking up with him?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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