May is Pregnancy Awareness Month

It seems like every month has its own special ‘awareness’ theme. Intended to draw attention to or celebrate something, some of these designations make sense to me.  I can totally get on board with Arthritis Awareness, Bike Safety and even Teen Self Esteem Month.  But Pregnancy Awareness?  Do we really need a month to make people aware that women get pregnant?

Actually, according to the official website, Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM) is intended to “empower pregnant women and new parents with information, how-to ideas and inspiration to incorporate Pregnancy Awareness Month’s four key initiatives education, exercise, nutrition & wellness and nurture.”

Founded by author and holistic lifestyle expert Anna Getty and mompreneur Alisa Donner, PAM’s advisory team is chock full of experts from a variety of fields.  But while the involvement of pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene and home birth advocate Ricki Lake seem reasonable, some of the other team members are suspect.  Maybe it’s just me, but the inclusion of Hot Moms Club founder Jessica Denay and model/actress Josie Moran and her cosmestics line make the whole thing seem a little self-serving and commercial, no?

If you were unaware of May’s designation as Pregnancy Awareness Month, don’t feel bad.  Despite the fact that this is third annual PAM, there seems to be very little celebrating outside of the PAM website.  But if unnecessary awareness themes appeal to you, just wait until June!  That’s National Effective Communications Month, Rebuild Your Life Month and, my personal favorite, National Candy Month.

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