McDonald's "Shrek" Toys Teaching Kids to Swear?

A Kirkland, WA couple say that a Shrek Forever After toy that their two-year-old son got in a McDonald’s Happy Meal is teaching him to swear.

The toy, a plastic version of the three little pigs, says:  “He huffed … and he puffed.”  Only instead of “he puffed,” parents Kim Zimmerman and Ryan Huston are hearing a slang term for female anatomy. A word that they say their two-year-old is now repeating.

“I was pretty appalled by this,” said Huston, “It would be easily caught and fixed if someone actually paid attention.”

But is there actually anything to be fixed?  I recognized this toy, so I went rooting around in our toy box to see if I could take a listen myself.

Push the pig’s belly and he shouts over and over again “Oh! Yah! Aha!”  And every now and then he says, “He huffed!” followed by what Zimmerman and Huston complain is a (really nonsensical) vulgarity.  What they actually say is “And he puffed.”  It’s all in the context, people.

Admittedly, the pigs’ German accent make them hard to understand.  Still, the biggest crime here isn’t bad language, it’s the poor nutritional quality of the food that was served along with it.

via Jezebel

Photo: sxferic, Flickr

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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