McKayla Maroney is Not Impressed: 25 Memes of an Extraordinarily Indifferent Olympic Medalist

McKayla Maroney memes
Pyramids? Meh.

A silver medal in the vault competition did nothing to impress Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney.

Sure, she said all the right things after she landed in second place — tweeting, “Disappointed on how today turned out, but everything happens for a reason!” and “Plus, the silver medal is actually pretty sick!!” after the event — but her face told an entirely different story.

As it turns out, not much does impress the athlete from the USA.

Here’s just a sampling of the many, many things that don’t impress McKayla Maroney:

  • The Great Wall of China 1 of 25
    The Great Wall of China
    They're no pyramids.
  • Beyonce announces her pregnancy live on TV 2 of 25
    Beyonce announces her pregnancy live on TV
    Had had a camera crew been filming her pee on a stick and waiting for the results, that would have been impressive.
  • Sistine Chapel 3 of 25
    Sistine Chapel
    My neck hurts from looking up and my eyes are strained from all the squinting.
  • Red Sox win the World Series 4 of 25
    Red Sox win the World Series
    What took so long?
  • Jesus rises 5 of 25
    Jesus rises
    What took so long?
  • Osama bin Laden is hunted and killed 6 of 25
    Osama bin Laden is hunted and killed
    What took so long?
  • Double rainbow 7 of 25
    Double rainbow
    Don't they have triple ones?
  • Flex it like Beckham 8 of 25
    Flex it like Beckham
    What, were Mark Wahlberg's abs not available?
  • Ryan Gosling’s calling 9 of 25
    Ryan Gosling's calling
    What, was David Beckham not available?
  • Nicolas Cage wins an Oscar 10 of 25
    Nicolas Cage wins an Oscar
    What, was Tom Hanks not nominated that year?
  • Corn Flakes 11 of 25
    Corn Flakes
    You're no Wheaties.
  • Paul McCartney 12 of 25
    Paul McCartney
    You're no George Harrison.
  • Man on the moon 13 of 25
    Man on the moon
    You're no Mars.
  • Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries 14 of 25
    Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
    You're no Britney Spears and Jason Alexander.
  • Gabby Douglas 15 of 25
    Gabby Douglas
    You're no Mary Lou Retton
  • The Grand Canyon 16 of 25
    The Grand Canyon
    You're no Great Wall of China.
  • Stonehenge 17 of 25
    You're no Grand Canyon
  • The wheel 18 of 25
    The wheel
    You're no Showcase Showdown.
  • Harry Potter 19 of 25
    Harry Potter
    You're no Harry Houdini.
  • Muhammed Ali vs. Sunny Liston 20 of 25
    Muhammed Ali vs. Sunny Liston
    Sonny Liston is no Joe Frazier.
  • A lion 21 of 25
    A lion
    King of the jungle and yet still not as strong as an ant.
  • Thriller 22 of 25
    I'd be more thrilled to dance in "Beat It."
  • William and Kate’s first kiss 23 of 25
    William and Kate's first kiss
    What, no tongue?
  • Usain Bolt 24 of 25
    Usain Bolt
    Fastest man on the planet or biggest wuss? I mean, a stuffed animal?
  • Mad Men 25 of 25
    Mad Men
    What, Pete Campbell wasn't available?

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