Medela Issued FDA Warning Over Pumps Catching Fire And Other Problems

The FDA has issued a warning letter to Medela about a slew of customer complaints related to their breast pumps. Perhaps the freakiest: “Fourteen Pump in Style Advanced (PNSA) electric breast pump complaints document motors and transformers smoking or catching fire.”

That’s right: catching fire. Fire is not what you’re looking for in a breast pump.

Here are some other things to watch out for: problems with the manufacturing may lead to the pumps losing suction, having too weak a suction or failing to switch on. They were also cited by the FDA for failing to properly track and respond to customer complaints, and for failing to document their own safety procedures properly.

The FDA’s letter details a long litany of complaints against the company. Many of them seem to be procedural or bureacratic in nature, but it all boils down to the FDA’s concerns about the safety of Medela’s products and manufacturing practices.

Given that more than a few complaints involve the machines catching fire, it’s a good thing the FDA is on top of this. Medela is a giant in the breast pump industry. I had two Medela pumps during the time I was breastfeeding my kids. They both ran fine for years. Many, many mothers trust this company. But the FDA seems to think they have a serious problem on their hands. One that could affect a lot of moms.

Of course no company or product will be perfect. But “not catching fire” seems like a reasonable thing to expect from your breastpump.

Have you used Medela pumps? Ever had a problem with them?

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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