Mediterranean Diet Protects Brain Power

Mediterranean dietIn case you needed yet another reason to kick low-fat diets to the curb, a new study shows that following a Mediterranean diet that emphasizes healthy fats can maintain brain health better than a low fat diet.

The Mediterranean diet is exactly what it sounds like: a diet modeled after the typical diet of those that live in the Mediterranean, where heart disease rates are low and longevity is high. The diet emphasizes healthy fats from olive oil and nuts. The Mediterranean diet encourages high consumption of fruits, vegetables, and fish, as well a lower intake of dairy and red meat. Red wine is allowed and encouraged, in moderation. {That alone may be enough to sign me up.}

A study in Spain looking at how to prevent cardiovascular disease assigned men and women who were at high risk of vascular complications to follow a Mediterranean diet. A control group followed a low fat diet, which is common advice to prevent heart disease and stroke.

After approximately 6.5 years, the subjects were examined for evidence of mental decline, in areas such as memory, language, attention span, and abstract thinking. The scores of those following the Mediterranean diet were significantly higher than those on the traditionally recommended low fat diet.

More research needs to be done as this was a study with a small sample size of people who were already at risk for disease, but it looks promising. If we’re going to be preventing heart disease by improving our diets, we might as well keep our brain function intact along the way.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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