Meet Pleygo: Yes, A Netflix for Legos. You Are Welcome

attachmentYou know when you have those super amazing ideas that would make life so much easier and/or affordable? And those ideas you have may just sit on the counter, wither, and die. How many of us take our idea and make it into a reality? Yeah, not many of us. But Elina Furman had a genius concept and made it happen. This mom of two created Pleygo, a Netflix-like subscriber service that delivers Lego sets directly to your door. You log on, your child creates a “wish list,” and the Lego sets are delivered to your home. And when you child is done playing, you pack them up and ship them back (and shipping is included).

There are three different plans to choose from that range in price from $15 to $39 per month that include unlimited sets that have all been cleaned and sanitized — and no, you will not be charged if your child loses a piece.

As a parent who has a child bitten by the Lego bug, Pleygo is great option. It’s hard not to be struck by sticker shock when buying new Lego sets. And when your little builders wants to do set, after set, after set, it just isn’t affordable to indulge them in their Lego addiction. That’s where Elina’s Pleygo comes in. Elina is also the founder of the fabulous A-List Mom, an lifestyle email newsletter and website, and she is also a blogger! I had the pleasure of working alongside Elina, once upon a time, here at Babble, writing about products and style for kids, and I’m proud say I “knew her when.” I asked Elina, who I keep in touch with via Facebook, about her super cool new project.

about_img2I was curious about the light bulb moment was when she came up with Pleygo. “One day I was going through my expenses with my husband, and we realized I had spent thousands of dollars on Lego sets for my son,” Elina replied.  “I thought there must be a more affordable way to keep my son playing with Legos all day. I started looking for a way to rent Legos online and when I could not find any service like that, I decided to start my own Netflix-like rental service.” That is when Pleygo was born.

But it’s not without challenges. Everyone knows the issues of losing a Lego piece (I personally spent about 20 minutes trying to find a missing train piece for my daughter just this morning). But it’s not an issue for Pleygo. “Every set is weighed when it comes in, and there is a guarantee that you will not be charged for the normal loss of missing pieces,” Elina stated. Plus, “every set comes with a bag of 25 most common used Lego pieces and we will replace any missing Lego pieces.”

As for the amount of Legos to choose from, that number is steadily growing. “There are over 300 sets currently in our inventory for kids to choose from,” Elina said. “Which is pretty amazing if you consider that the average store carries 8 sets. Our inventory will grow as more Lego sets are sent in by members.” Members can send in their own sets that they are done with that are then included in the offerings.

Would you use a service like Pleygo? You can find out more about it right here.

Photo Source: Elina Furman


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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