Meet Supertoy Teddy. The Talking Teddy Bear.


My daughter loves her teddy bear. She has cuddled him every night since she was about one. And you know what her teddy bear does? Nothing. He is just fur and fluff. No bells, no whistles and he certainly doesn’t have conversations with her, unless she is pretending that he is talking during playtime.

But Supertoy Teddy isn’t her normal everyday teddy bear. This light brown toy can talk and respond to your child’s voice and questions. You can think of this as a new and improved Teddy Ruxpin, the 80’s bear that had a cassette player embedded in him to read stories.

“There are many characters and app developers who are trying to push Siri and the Google Now functions further by giving them personalities,” co-founder Karsten Fluegge told ABC News. “For me it was obvious to have a physical talking character instead of one just in a phone.”

How does Supertoy Teddy work? ABC News describes it saying:
“The bear looks like a normal, cuddly teddy bear, but unzip the back and inside is a headphone jack that connects an iPhone or Android phone. There is also a microUSB port under his tail so you can charge up your phone. When the Supertoy Teddy app is launched on the phone, the bear will be able to listen through its mic and then respond via the built-in speakers. The audio signal also tells the bear to move its mouth to talk.”

The creators also are thinking that the bear can be more than just a toy.  “It will help you with all the little things, like Siri — you can tell you when to wake up, it can remind you to buy something,” Fluegge explained “The conversation, though, might be more important. You can tell the bear to tell you a story or tell you a joke or help you with your homework, even though that one might be a bit hard for Teddy.”

Want to rush to the store and pick up a Supertoy Teddy? Well, right now you can’t, the creators haven’t released the Supertoy Teddy yet, but hope to soon with the help of Kickstarter. They are getting close to their goal, so it looks like Supertoy Teddy will certainly be funded and will come to fruition soon.

Would you guy your kid a talking teddy bear or o you prefer the old school non-talking kind?

Photo Source: Supertoy Teddy/Kickstarter



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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