Meet the ACM: Automatic Cupcake Machine, Plus 8 Vending Machines We'd Like to See

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Debit card in, cupcake out!

LA-based company Sprinkles Cupcakes has developed an ATM-like contraption that “dispenses freshly baked cupcakes, cupcake mixes, apparel and even cupcakes for Fido!” The “ACM” is open, like most ATMs, 24-hours a day. (Adriana Velez of The Stir wants to know, “What’s the limit? Like, could I just stand there all night buying cupcakes?” She says, “Not that I would. Heh heh.”)¬†Americans are no strangers to food vending machines, but we’re used to getting room-temperature food like potato chips, or maybe something cold like a turkey sandwich. Hot food and dessert automats are still a rare commodity in the US. Especially ones that dispense both food and clothing.

Hot food automats are much more common in Europe, and when I first saw the BAMN! automat on St. Mark’s Place in New York’s East Village a few years ago, it reminded me of the many trips my ex-husband and I took to Holland. Not to worry, though. It looks like us New Yorkers will soon be getting our own “24-hour Sprinkles” ACMs. According to The New York Times, “the pink machines will pop up in Midtown and Downtown and on the Upper West Side.”

Japan leads the world in the race for the strangest vending machines, though, as evidenced by this collection of photos. Unlike the Japanese, I’m not much interested in buying live crabs from a vending machine, but here are 8 vending machines I would love to see in every neighborhood across the country:

  • Pizza 1 of 8
    This Wonder Pizza vending machine is from Italy, and apparently they're available for sale in the US. Better than cupcakes, if you ask me.
    Photo via Wonder Pizza
  • Egg Rolls, Spring Rolls and Summer Rolls 2 of 8
    Egg Rolls, Spring Rolls and Summer Rolls
    If this vending machine existed, I would probably buy one for my kitchen.
    Photo via Flickr
  • Pencils, Pens, Markers and Paper 3 of 8
    Pencils, Pens, Markers and Paper
    And maybe a few other office supply essentials. Along with those travel coloring book/marker sets for the kids. Pencil and pen vending machines used to be popular on college campuses, but think about how great it would be to be able to vend a tiny notebook and a LePen!
    Photo via Flickr
  • Books and Magazines 4 of 8
    Books and Magazines
    If they can rent DVDs out of a vending machine and they can sell newspapers out of a metal box, they can vend books and magazines. They do, in fact, in Brazil. And the machines are like Priceline - you pay what you will! Crazy, right?
    Photo via Springwise
  • Diapers, Baby Wipes and Formula 5 of 8
    Diapers, Baby Wipes and Formula
    Or, the vending machine for mothers who need baby essentials in the middle of the night and don't live near a 24-hour Wal*Mart. My daughter is 6 and I still use baby wipes all the time, so I'm sure this machine would have some wide appeal.
    Photo via Flickr
  • Travel Size Toiletries 6 of 8
    Travel Size Toiletries
    For when you need a toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, etc. (Yes, I have needed a razor on the run! You never know when you're going to get a last-minute invite to the beach!) I've also stopped in the deli for a bottle of powder on a hot summer day to prevent thigh rub....
    Photo via Flickr user pearled
  • Makeup, Perfume, Lotion 7 of 8
    Makeup, Perfume, Lotion
    I can't tell you how many times I've run into a drug store because I was having a powder/blush/mascara emergency. These vending machines should be in bars, restaurants, theatres and at casting agents' offices. Kind of like an in-flight shopping experience. Although a lot of women might regret buying Chanel No. 5 while drunk.
    Photo via Flickr
  • Pantyhose, Stockings and Underwear 8 of 8
    Pantyhose, Stockings and Underwear
    Apparently pantyhose vending machines used to be a thing, and in European bathrooms you can get pantyhose, condoms and aspirin all out of the same machine - for obvious reasons.
    Photo via Flickr

Main photo via Flickr

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