Michael Jackson News – Debbie Rowe Was Just a Surrogate!

r3479405372When seeing Michael Jackson’s children one can pretty much deduce that he was not their biological father. The kids look nothing like him. The two older kids, in seeing their unmasked photos don’t look much like Debbie Rowe either.  Now news is surfacing that not only is Michael Jackson not the biological father but that Debbie Rowe is not the biological mother. She was hired just to carry the baby buns in her oven.

TMZ is reporting that Michael Jr. and Paris were conceived via in vitro. The gossip site received confirmation from multiple sources – who were “deeply connected to the births” – that Michael’s sperm was not used in conception. They are also reporting that Debbie’s egg were not utilized but she was paid handsomely for her services.

They are also reporting that Prince Michael II, the youngest of the three, was born to a surrogate who was never told the identity of the recipient of the child they birthed on their behalf. The baby was picked up and delivered to Michael three days after he was born.

There are legal documents that spell out all the conditions and arrangements of the births but those have not been made available. So one would conclude that Debbie Rowe would not have any claim to the two children but since she was married to Jackson at the time of their birth, it can be ‘presumed’ that she is the parent.

Do you think Debbie Rowe could have a claim to the children if it is true she is not the biological mother?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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