Michelle Duggar Miscarries: 20 Sympathetic, Sarcastic, & Snide Comments About the Loss of Her Baby

Michelle Duggar Miscarries

When a woman suffers a miscarriage, they are usually given condolences, love and  support. That is, if you aren’t Michelle Duggar.

The 44-year-old reality TV star and matriarch of the Duggar clan (made up of Jim Bob, Michelle and their 19 kids) had a miscarriage on Thursday. This would have been her 20th child. The couple had gone to the doctor to find out the sex of their baby but when the doctor attempted to find a heartbeat, he could not.  Michelle was six months pregnant.

As the news broke about this family tragedy, people do what people do these days. They go to Twitter. Some tweets were thoughtful and caring messages. But most? Most people took this opportunity to tweet things that run more snide, sarcastic and snarky.That’s just what happens when you live an unconventional life and share it with the world via TV.

Check out these 20 tweets about Michelle Duggar’s miscarriage here. Do you think the means ones were uncalled for?

Donna R.
“Sad about Michelle Duggar, but I really think God is telling her that she’s been more than fruitful and enough is enough, now.”

“Hate to say it but it’s your fault baby…”

“Oh i’m so sorry for Michelle Duggar. I know she was deeply effected by her first miscarriage, and still doesn’t forgive herself.”

“I feel bad for Michelle Duggar–no matter what your opinion is, it’s still the loss of a life.”

“apparently, Michelle Duggar had a miscarriage. maybe that’s a sign that you should NOT have kids in the double digits.”

“They should really just stop with the procreating”

“So, Michelle Duggar had a miscarriage. I think that’s a sign…it could’ve been her in 9 months..”

“Im sorry you had a misscarriage Michelle Duggar but having that many kids is not healthy”

Duggar had a miscarriage! Sad but i’d say after 19 Kids you have #todamnmany”

“Oh poor Michelle Duggar 🙁 Losing a child, even if it’s your 20th, is awful.”

“No matter your views on their family, Michelle Duggar‘s miscarriage is still so sad. My understanding and prayers go out to them.”

“let’s hope losing your 20th at 5 months preggo helps keep her legs closed in the future.”

“So, Michelle Duggar has miscarried their 20th child. I wonder what they’ll feel God is telling them now…”

“I will unfollow anyone who says anything bad about Michelle Duggar right now.I don’t care if it’s your 1500th child, it’s awful to lose them ”

“Maybe Michelle Duggar just really hates getting her period.”

“dear michelle duggar (mother of 19), maybe a miscarriage was god’s way of telling you 20 kids is too many. my deepest apologies, Kelly”

“As a woman who has had miscarriages myself, my heart breaks for Michelle Duggar. I hope people give her space for her grief.”

Duggar miscarried her 20th child today. That seems like a lot of miscarriages.”

“At some point even #MichelleDuggar should admit pregnancy is dangerous, and she has no business attempting it anymore.”

Duggar had a miscarriage, if the GOP were really in charge, she’d be investigated for murder.”

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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