Michelle Obama Inaugural Ball Doll Is Creepily Realistic!

What a Doll

Pop quiz look at the image to the left. Does that look like a photograph of Michele Obama or is it a porcelain tribute to the first lady on inauguration night in doll form?  It’s a bit hard to determine isn’t it?

Well, if your answer was that it was a doll, you’d be right. It’s eerily accurate don’t you think?

You can see the entire image below.

This doll was created by commemorative and collectibles powerhouse Danbury Mint. It is, as they state, a “beautiful and true-to-life porcelain work of art.” They added that their “skilled artisans have replicated Michelle Obama’s attire down to the very last detail,” But it’s not just the outfit that was perfectly replicated, but her hair, facial expression, basically all of it, really is uncanny…like creepily so.

Check out this rest of this eerily accurate doll below, and if you are interested in having this Michelle Obama joining your family, you can buy here for $149.

Photo Source: Danbury Mint
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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