Milking the Moment? ‘Time’ Magazines "Breastfeeding Mom" Does Another Cover

The Los Angeles based blogger and mom Jamie Lynne Grumet became a national sensation when she provocatively posed on the cover of Time Magazine boldly breastfeeding her almost 4-year-old son with the caption “Are you mom enough.”

Debated and deconstructed, the cover wasn’t seen as merely a statement about attachment parenting, but it opened up a big can of worms from “fanning the flames of the mommy wars,” to giving attachment parenting a bad name, to outright disgust.

With the media frenzy that occurred after the debut of the cover, some women might have gone into hiding or at least played down the sensational aspect of the cover image if it were them. But apparently not Jamie Lynne Grumet, as she has opted to pose for yet another magazine cover this time Pathways to Family Wellness while breastfeeding her boy.  Why?

According to CBS2, Grumet said “she and her family decided to do another magazine cover at the suggestion of Attachment Parenting International.” LAist adds that, “The Pathways cover is meant to evoke a photo from Grumet’s own childhood, where she was being breastfed by her mom and reaching for her dad, which she describes as ‘a moment that was captured that was really beautiful,’ that represents the whole family.”

Lori Dorman, the photographer who took the Pathways photo, said, “My goal was to correct the misperception that was created on the TIME cover. Its message was that nursing a 3-year-old was outrageous and inappropriate, when in fact nursing a 3-year-old is a normal, healthy activity in the world today.”

Inside the magazine, there is a far less controversial photo of the family, smiling while under a blanket. Why wasn’t this used instead? It’s a charming photo of a loving family, one that doesn’t bring attention to the fallout from the last cover. Was she or the magazine “milking” the moment? It seems, in our public arena, hard to rationally discuss an important topic such as parenting styles when the conversation can be high-jacked by the sensationalist sentiment that a cover like the Time one evoked or in this case evokes yet again. One would hard pressed not to be reminded of the Time cover and the “are you mom enough” message when seeing this cover. It could be seen as distracting from the discussion, and it will be interesting to see what the general public will think of Grumet’s second cover.

Myself, I would have preferred to see another reflection of the family on the cover instead of yet another breastfeeding photo. There is far more to attachment parenting then the option of extended breastfeeding and I believe the message gets lost in the ‘shock’ of a woman breastfeeding their 4-year-old. Plus I can’t help think about her son, the one she is breastfeeding, once was enough but having him on a magazine cover for a second time just seems like fodder for his future therapist.

What do you think of Grumet’s second breastfeeding cover?

Photo source: Pathways via LAist


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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