Mind is Blown: We’ve Been Doing Ketchup All Wrong This Whole Time

In what is undoubtably the most important news story of the day, it turns out we’ve been eating ketchup all wrong this whole time.

And when your kids down as much ketchup as mine do, this may be the most important news item you read this year.

Okay, probably not. But still: mind is blown.

When I go to a “restaurant” with my kids, it’s usually the kind of place where I have to pump my own ketchup. Fortunately, the kids are getting old enough to handle this particular brand of fun on their own, but still. As a family, we need to fill up like a dozen of those eensy-weensy ketchup cups to satisfy their fry-dunking, burger-coating, and possibly straight-from-the-cup-enjoying use.

What? It’s totally a vegetable.

And we’ve been doing it all wrong, apparently.

The hard-nosed reporters of FoodBeast revealed to us today that those paper cups are built to fan out, creating greater capacity and dunking surface.

Yeah. You just tug it open. So, something that means I’ll use less paper, can dip a burger into the ketchup, and make things easier when I eat out with my kids?


Possibly this is the kind of thing that everyone else already knew about except me. Sort of like how I didn’t hear “Call Me Maybe” until like, last week. But I’m going to go ahead and guess that this is news to at least some of you.

Happy dipping!

(Photo Credit: FoodBeast)
(via: Gizmodo)

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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