Miss San Antonio Update: Crown Passed to Runner-Up, Who Looks Bigger Than Original Winner

miss san antonio
Domonique Ramirez, the former Miss San Antonio.

Remember Domonique Ramirez, the Texas beauty queen who accused organizers of the Miss San Antonio pageant of stripping her of her crown for gaining weight?  Well, it’s official: Ramirez has had to forfeit her crown and pass it on to runner-up Ashley Dixon, who will wear the crown – at the very least – until March, when Ramirez’s lawsuit against pageant organizers goes to trial.  A judge denied Ramirez’s request for a temporary injunction in the case, allowing pageant organizers to begin to train Dixon for the Miss Texas pageant.

Why is this significant?  Well, Ramirez accused pageant organizers of telling her to “get off the tacos, get off the chips” and to lose 13 pounds if she wanted to keep her crown.  That is likely solid truth, given that pageant board spokeswoman Linda Woods admitted to telling Ramirez, “we need to get you on an exercise program.”  And, in TODAY Show footage, Woods says in reference to the newly crowned Dixon, “She is gonna continue with her vocal lessons, and we’re working with her meeting with Larkin, the trainer, and, um, working on her interview skills as well, so we’ve got a lot to work on.”  (Some, um, interview skills there, lady.)  It’s clear from her comments that Woods is obsessed with weight.

For her part, Ramirez admits to having missed and shown-up late to engagements she was required to attend as Miss San Antonio, but she contends that her weight was the ultimate deciding factor in the loss of her crown.  That makes sense, until you see Ashley Dixon.  Dixon is by no means a “big girl,” but judging by the way she looks on camera, I’d say she’s at least a size bigger than Ramirez (who is a tiny size 2).  Which may be why Woods is requiring Dixon to work with a trainer (like an elite athlete!) in order to get ready for the Miss Texas competition.

What I don’t understand is why either of these very slim, very young girls need to lose weight.  Why would anyone want to fight for a title that comes with the dominance (guidance?) of a woman like Linda Woods attached to its thorny crown?  And where are the parents here?  Woods is taking gorgeous teenage girls and making them feel as if they’re hideous hosebeasts who are unable to give simple answers from their fat mouths without her coaching.  Not good.

I decided to Google Linda Woods to see what I could find, and it turns out Linda Woods is a former model who is now running, in addition to pageants, a modeling agency.  Here’s what she had to say about the “talent” it takes to model, via

Hello everyone out there!! Its me Linda Woods , I really laugh out loud at these reviews.. It is really funny how out of about 3000 people I have helped over the years that there are only a very small few who are complaining.HMMM Maybe its because you never had talent and I had to FIRE you. Which leads any normal person reading this to realize that people in this field either have it or they don’t. If you are interested in this line of work then get some thick skin and do what ever it takes. But for the love of god quit blaming others for your lack of Talent.. It really is sad !!! Linda Woods

Now, of course I have no way of proving whether or not that comment was left by the “real” Linda Woods, but I can’t imagine anonymous is going out of their way to take this ex-model down online.  It seems that Ramirez is not the first beauty queen to have been “fired” by Woods, so at least she’s in good – and likely good-looking – company.  I only wonder if poor Ashley Dixon will join her ranks.  I’d hate to be around to see Woods’ reaction if Dixon loses the Miss Texas pageant.  (“I told you, no tacos, no chips… AND NO WIRE HANGERS!!!”)

From The TODAY Show:

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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