Mitt Romney Granddaughter, Allie, Featured on ‘Rich Kids of Instagram’ (PHOTO)

It’s no secret both presidential candidates are rich. One of them is just more discreet about it than the other.

Mitt Romney catches a lot of flack for having a lot of money. But he’s hardly the first politician to have many, many zeroes tacked on to the end of the balance in his bank account. If you think Barack Obama isn’t also extraordinarily wealthy, think again.

And yet the Obama family has the good sense to mix lower-cost clothing in with their higher-end items, especially in the face of a national economy that has suffered tremendously over the past several years. Sure, Michelle Obama has worn expensive clothing on occasion, but remember all the hullabaloo when Sasha and Malia Obama wore J. Crew to their dad’s swearing-in ceremony? J. Crew isn’t cheap, but it isn’t Oscar de la Renta, anyway.

That’s the high-end couture designer whom Allie Romney, granddaughter of Mitt, posed with (and, presumably, in), when she posted a photo of herself in an elaborate gown on Instagram. That photo was then posted on Rich Kids of Instagram, a Tumblr site whose motto is, “They have more money than you and this is what they do.”

Whether you begrudge people with money — even if they’ve earned it on their own — only you know. But it’s hard to argue that in an election year when the economy is the talking point (especially among the Republican party), that perhaps the (Republican) Romney family should have kept a tighter leash on how their closest allies flaunted their money to the not-so-fortunate masses.

Take a look at Allie Romney’s Instagram photo:

Allie Romney
How the Romneys live — privately and publicly

Source: Radar Online

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Bottom photo credit: Instagram


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