Mmmhop? Hanson Brothers to Release Their Own Beer

Who doesn’t remember the loveable trio of brothers,  Isaac, Taylor, and Zac, of the popular ’90s band, The Hanson Brothers? Formerly known for making our teenage hearts beat fast, they are now embarking on a new business venture.

The brothers announced during a talk at the Oxford Union on Monday that they plan to release their own alcoholic beverage. The beer, an Indian pale ale, will reportedly be called “Mmmhop” — a tribute to their wildly popular 1997 hit, Mmmbop.

Though in recent years the band has fallen out of the spotlight, the brothers are still very much in the music making business. They own their own independent label and have been self-releasing their albums to their very devoted and largely adult fan base.

Zac, 26, Taylor, 28, and Isaac, 31, have also been busy expanding their families.  Isaac and Zac have two children and middle brother, Taylor, has four. The trio each have a home base in Tulsa, but regularly bring their wives and children along for the ride.

With so many projects in the works and the strain associated with constant traveling and living life on a tour bus, one might wonder what kind of toll it takes on the Hanson’s children, but the brothers are no stranger to life on the road with a big family. Isaac, Taylor, and Zac are just three of seven children and spent their childhood years touring with their four siblings in the wings.

If anyone is equipped with the know-how to raise a large family on the go it’s these three.

So, dust off that old “Middle of Nowhere” CD. Mmmhop is expected to be available sometime next year and something tells me there’s a genius drinking game yet to be played when enjoying the two together.


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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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