Modeling Camp Tells Girl to ‘Work on Her Height: Reality Check or Really Cruel?

Modeling camp
This is how some girls can boast they spent their summer vacation

It’s not unusual for an aspiring model to be told she needs to lose weight. Or cut her hair (or grow it long). Or tone her arm muscles. Or tweeze her eyebrows. But telling a girl she needs to “work on her height?”

Presumably there’s a pill for that in the back of some magazine, somewhere (“Rub this cream on your legs and get taller in just 10 days!”), but short of a miracle growth spurt, height is one of those things, like parents, that you can’t really do much about once you’re dealt yours in life.

Still, a real live girl — a 15-year-old one — was really, really told that she needs to “work on her height” at a modeling camp in Manhattan that’s run by a former staffer from Vogue, Heather Cole. The camp, $999 for a four-day session, is filled with wannabe runway models and aspiring couturiers.

Thirty-five girls enrolled for this summer’s session. It was Danielle Samuel of Saint Lucia, who was told to grow a few (inches).

Samuel said a Wilhelmina Models rep told her, “I had really good facial expressions. I just need to work on my height, because I’m a little short. But I will get there — drink a little milk and I’ll be fine.”

A typical day at modeling camp includes how to interview with agencies, pose in a photo shoot and walk with confidence down the runway. Lunch is also included (pastas, salads, sandwiches and sorbet), although it’s unknown if any of the girls really eat. Attendees also get a professional photo shoot with hair and makeup as well as a portfolio book filled with their own pictures.

“Some girls are interested obviously in being a model,” Cole said to the New York Daily News. “And some girls just want to experience what it’s like. To be honest, some parents are sending their girls just for the life skills that they’ll walk away with as far as self-confidence and presentation and their poise.”

What life skill a girl is walking away with after being told she needs to be taller is unclear, but maybe the life skill there actually developing thicker skin, if not longer legs.

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