Mom Admits To Leaving Kids Alone In House Full Of Drugs, Alcohol and Garbage

Chelsea Champey's mug shot.

A Pennsylvania mother whose child neglect case made national headlines admits she left her three small children alone in a home filled with human feces, drugs and alcohol.

22-year-old Chelsea Champey pleaded guilty today in Bucks County Court in Doylestown.

In February cops responded to an abandoned 911 call from Champey’s rental home and saw a little boy peeking out of a window. What police found inside was heartbreaking.

There was an open container of alcohol on a table, a joint and police reports show that “Under the table was feces that that did not appear to look like that of a domestic pet, but appeared to be human.”  There was rotten food everywhere, “Much of the food in the home was found to be beyond its expiration date, including toddler food,” the report states.

As reports:

Upstairs, police found rooms filled with dirty laundry and more feces. On a nightstand was an open box of razor blades. The home had no running water and the tub was encrusted with a pinkish substance that had solidified.

“The tub appeared to have not been used in days or weeks,” the report said.

A 1-year-old girl was found inside a feces-smeared crib. More feces were on the carpet.

The most shocking evidence was found on the third floor. Behind a door, which was bolted from the outside, was a 2-year-old girl. She was naked and covered head to toe in feces.

Scrape marks on the door showed that she had tried to claw her way out of the room, police said.

The home was declared unfit for occupancy and the children, ages, 1, 2 and 4 have been placed in foster care, thank God, and hopefully the two younger ones won’t remember a thing.  They say kids are resilient and all that, but I don’t know.  Their entire personalities have been formed around this horror movie life.

When Champey got home later she admitted locking the 2-year-old upstairs and said “if (the girl) was allowed downstairs, she would have the main floor in the same condition as the third floor.”

Look, I know this isn’t the kind of thing you want to read but somehow, I needed to report this story.  Like, these kids went through absolute hell and their story needs to be told.  This kind of thing makes me feel completely violent.  I know that’s the wrong response and that it doesn’t help anything, but words cannot express what I want to do to that mother.  Then I calm down and think that maybe she was treated the same way by her parents and perhaps she’s a victim as well.  But still.  I want to hurt her.

Champey is in prison and will stay there, without bail, until she’s sentenced.  And, as reports, “the county’s social service agency, is working with the family and may determine if Champey eventually regains custody of her children.”

Screw that.  She’s done.  She should never, ever, ever have custody of her children again and they should tie her tubes as part of her sentence.  We have people rotting in prison for marijuana possession and Champey faces 18 measly months in prison.  NOT ENOUGH.

What do you think?  Am I being to hard on an obviously drug addled mother or does she deserve a lot worse?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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