Mom and Dad’s Date Night at Home

Enjoying a nice movie night at home!

It’s November, and in Seattle that means rain, rain, and more rain.  In the summer months we are out and about all the time, but now that winter is fast approaching (or maybe even already here?), I’m starting to cocoon and hibernate more and more.  We haven’t gone out on a date night in over a month.

But even though we’ve been staying home, we’re still trying to make our evenings special — particularly on the weekend.  This past weekend, Friday rolled around and I realized we had a whole weekend in front of us with no plans.  It was a nice change from what has been a busy few months.  It’s easy to fall into a rut of watching the same mindless TV shows night after night —scrolling through whatever is on the DVR, and ending up watching something that isn’t really grabbing the attention of either one of us.

So this weekend, we mixed it up with a movie night!

We just got our new Xbox 360, and we’re still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles.  My husband already knows far more than I do.  For someone who has always been fairly anti-video game, he sure has embraced our new gaming system quickly!  I knew there was a Netflix feature, as well as a TV and movie rental component.

We read through some movie reviews on our phones, before selecting a winner Your Sister’s Sister (which turned out to be really good!).  Then we found the Amazon Instant Video feature on the Xbox 360, logged in to add money to our account, and had our movie rented within minutes!  In the past we have rented movies on our laptops or iPad, and then had to wrestle cords and reconfigure the TV trying to make it work, while we awkwardly balanced a laptop on top of our TV console.  I love that with Xbox 360, we can just choose a movie and go.  Who knew two non-gamers would love our new gaming system so much?

We had a delicious dinner and snuggled up together for a nice movie night at home.  The movie turned out to be really good we both stayed awake through the whole thing, which is always a good sign for two tired parents.  I have a feeling we’ll be downloading a lot more movies this winter. ‘Tis the season!

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