Mom Behind Bars For Leaving Kids Alone To Bed 13-Year-Old Neighbor

Mom allegedly leaves children home alone while sexually assaulting boy down the street.

A Texas mom of two is in jail, accused of leaving her children alone while she carried on a six month affair with a 13-year-old neighbor boy.

Amanda Ann Nabers, 25, allegedly confessed to having sex with the boy several times beginning in February. She even told police she shared pot, Xanas and alcohol with the boy during her first encounter with him.
quotes from an arrest affidavit that states Nabers denied her kids were ever in danger. She hasn’t been charged with child engangerment but CPS has removed her kids from her care.  Their ages haven’t been reported.

Nabers faces a charge of aggravated assault of a child, and her bond has been set at $50,000.

As a side note, the way the media tends to report these women sleeping with younger boys stories really bothers me. They use sexual terms like “Amanda Ann Nabers confessed to getting way too neighborly with the boy” or “police say she left her two children home alone so she could have several sexual trysts with a 13-year-old boy”. What she did was rape the kid, right? I mean, if it was a 25-year-old man and a 13-year-old girl would anyone be using the term “getting too neighborly” or “sexual tryst”? No way! We would straight up be calling it rape.

I even fell victim to the double-standard while typing my title up there:  “Mom Behind Bars For Leaving Kids Alone To Bed 13-Year-Old”.  I originally had the word “rape” instead of “bed” but rape felt too strong and misleading.  But that’s what she did, right?  If she slept with my 13-year-old son I’d want to kill her and I’d certainly consider it rape.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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