Terrified Mom Discovers Newborn Boy Labeled With Wrong Name At Hospital

If I ever have another kid I’m just going to go ahead and Sharpie in a mustache so there is no confusion.

First there’s the baby mix-up that led to a mother breastfeeding the wrong baby for twenty minutes. Now, a mom in Jacksonville, Florida, discovers her newborn son was mislabeled in his hospital bassinet.

Apparently there is a case to be made for writing your newborn’s name on his or her forehead with a Sharpie immediately after he or she is born.

After Karen Butler delivered her son, Kendrick Roberts, he was taken to the hospital nursery. Twelve hours later the nurse brought her son to her room. Butler’s sister was holding the boy when they discovered the grave error.

“My sister was holding him in the room and when she took off the blanket to see how long he was, I saw a name on his ankle. It was a girl name, and it said the mother’s name, then the baby girl, then the last name of the mother.”

Karen tells First Cost News she was terrified.

“Anything could have happened. What if they gave him the wrong shot, or if they gave him the wrong medicine, anything. It was scary. I was terrified. They could have done the wrong blood work, had the wrong record sheet instead of testing him for what he was supposed to be tested for. It could be that baby girl, all her information, or anything.”

Shands Hospital staff apologized but Butler justifiably says she won’t be going back to the hospital if it can be helped. She tells other moms not to be so trusting at the hospital.

“Be careful. Watch carefully. Check your child’s label. Just be careful.”

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Baby Mix-Up At Hospital Leads To Wrong Mom Breastfeeding Newborn

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