Mom Facing Jail for Badmouthing Ex to Kids

The next time you are tempted to badmouth your ex in front of your children, here’s a helpful word of advice: don’t. You could end up in prison.

A Long Island, New York woman is facing jail time for deliberately turning her two teenage daughters against their dad over a period of several years, telling them that their father was a “deadbeat,” “loser,” and “scumbag,” as well as a rude but common phrase Babble doesn’t allow its bloggers to use.

But what seemed to set the judge presiding over the multi-year case through the roof was the the false allegations of sexual misconduct mom Lauren Lippe lodged against ex-spouse Ted Rubin. Lippe later recanted, admitting she knew her former husband had not fondled their daughter’s breasts as she had alleged, but it was too late to avoid the wrath of the legal system. Describing the Lippe’s multi-year crusade against her ex-husband as “willful and calculated,” the judge presiding over this miserable case sentenced Lippe last week to spend six weekends in the slammer during which time the former couple’s teenage daughters would remanded to the custody of their dad.

Lippe is currently appealing the decision. Her lawyer told the New York Post that she’s “worried” about how seeing their mom sent to jail would impact the children, though he did not address how this mom-from-hell thought her miserable behavior toward the father of her daughters could have anything but a negative affect on them.  Her ex-husband also gave an interview, where he amazingly told reporters that he didn’t want to see his ex-wife go to jail either, and that “I want my girls to know I love them with all my heart. I always have.”

So what do you think? Should mom do time or is the judge overreacting?

Here are a few other tidbits from the case in case you are having a hard time deciding how to feel about this one:

Lippe told Rubin “We all hope you die from cancer,” while clutching her daughters in her arms.

Lippe repeatedly violated the couple’s visitation schedule by planning vacations, day trips and other treats for times Rubin was supposed to visit with his daughters, leaving dad in the position of denying his children something they wanted, or giving up his scheduled time.

When Rubin asked to celebrate Chanukah with his daughters, Lippe allowed him to do so at the end of her driveway, where the desperate dad was forced to light the menorah in the back of his truck.

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