Mom FAIL: These Insane Notes from Mothers Give us All a Crazy, Bad Name (PHOTOS)

Crazy mom
That face along with the crazy notes aren’t helping the cause

It’s not just kids who write freakin’ awesome notes (like this one). Moms weren’t born yesterday. We know what we’re doing when we put pen to paper (remember this little gem?)

That being said, some moms do need to put a little more thought into their note writing, lest they end up the butt of the joke on the Internet. Because once your bad note goes viral, it’s all over and there’s no way your kid will go back to doing chores again, at least not without looking at you and snickering. Over and over.

Check out these mom note fails, and try to learn from their mistakes:

  • Whoops 1 of 5
    Thanks for the condom, Mom. Maybe aim better with the tack next time though?
  • Wow 2 of 5
    That's a little . . . harsh, don't you think?
  • Yikes 3 of 5
    Thanks, Mom. Excellent fodder and just the kind of thing my therapist was looking for.
  • Oy 4 of 5
    Is there a good option among the three listed here?
  • Dads are bad note writers, too 5 of 5
    Dads are bad note writers, too
    I get it. But thanks anyway, Dad.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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