Mom Fantasy vs. Mom Reality: How We See Ourselves and How the World Sees Us (PHOTOS)

Happy family
One person’s happy family is another person’s headache

It’s hard to imagine that there’s now an app, Unbaby.Me, that will swap out baby pictures on Facebook for things like pieces of bacon or wild animals because some people really can’t stand to see your kid’s face covered in chocolate or your toddler asleep on the toilet.

At the same time, it’s not exactly news that some people aren’t automatically enthralled with your children’s photos, or your family in real life, either. No matter what some moms do to ensure their offspring do no harm, they are guilty anyway before a crime has even been committed.

We might think we birthed the most darling boys and girls on the planet, but the planet often has different ideas about us and our little ones regardless.

Here are some mom fantasies, followed by the reality:

  • Mom fantasy 1 1 of 10
    Mom fantasy 1
    We board an airplane with a sleeping baby or otherwise quiet, polite children.
    Photo credit: Fan Pop
  • Mom reality 1 2 of 10
    Mom reality 1
    We look like a miniature version of Black Sabbath, ready to rock.
    Photo credit: Bliss HQ
  • Mom fantasy 2 3 of 10
    Mom fantasy 2
    We leave the house in clothes that are mostly clean and not too wrinkled, feeling like a million bucks.
  • Mom reality 2 4 of 10
    Mom reality 2
    We look like a shut-in who hasn't seen daylight in 12 years and just barely got out of the easy chair without needing our skin to be unfused from the fabric.
  • Mom fantasy 3 5 of 10
    Mom fantasy 3
    We politely ask to have butter instead of marinara sauce on the kid's pasta meal in the restaurant, and request if the waiter could, please, switch out the milk for apple juice.
  • Mom reality 3 6 of 10
    Mom reality 3
    We look like Meg Ryan ordering a turkey sandwich and a slice of pie in When Harry Met Sally.
    Photo credit: Wikipedia
  • Mom fantasy 4 7 of 10
    Mom fantasy 4
    We check into a hotel at the start of a week-long family vacation with our luggage neatly packed and our smiles as bright as they are genuine.
  • Mom reality 4 8 of 10
    Mom reality 4
    We look like we are the inmates preparing to take over the asylum.
  • Mom fantasy 5 9 of 10
    Mom fantasy 5
    We post a photo modest of our newborn baby on Facebook so we can share with our friends and family the joy of bringing a new life into the world.
  • Mom reality 5 10 of 10
    Mom reality 5
    We look like we popped a blood vessel in each eye as our vagina hangs out and the baby is covered in a blend of placenta and cottage cheese.
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