Mom Files a Complaint With School to Protect Kid's "Innocence"

schools-outA mother has filed a complaint against a D.C. elementary school to protect her kid’s “sense of innocence.” So what did the school do?

Show her seven-year-old dirty movies? Make her draw swastikas? No and No.

They let a lesbian teach little kids. Quelle horreur.Margaret C. Hemenway announced on the PFOX blog (one of those groups that peddles the notion that the “ex-gay” movement works) that she and her husband were “astonished” when their first-grader came home to say her teacher was getting married to another woman.

And goshdarnit, the teacher even let the kids ask her questions about it and read them a (children’s) book about it!

Like any good fearmongering Christian (differentiated from your normal every day Christian by a lack of pure common sense), Hemenway goes on to mention William Ayers and terrorism just to get everyone into a good old-fashioned uber right wing frenzy.

Naturally she’s clouding the issue with non sequiturs. Because if people weren’t upset about a queer standing in front of kids, by golly talking about terrorism should do the trick, am I right?

Then Hemenway makes it sound like the lesbian teacher is talking about doing the nasty in front of the kids:

“There are sound reasons that sexuality topics are not generally introduced in school until fifth grade, at an age when some children begin to ask how babies are made. Even then, parents generally enjoy the right of an opt-out from sexual education instruction for their children, depending on the maturity of their child, religious beliefs, or their preference that they themselves explain “the birds and bees.” The first-grade teacher was asked by one child whether she and her girlfriend could have children; another asked why they couldn’t just be friends.”

The difference between a “sexuality” and a “sex” discussion is quite distinct. One is about love, one is about what happens between the sheets. Even the question “can you have children” is easy to answer with a very asexual “no.”

Then there’s the big jump from a discussion of sexuality to pornography: “Homosexuality is condemned as a sin by every major religion in the world today- should my first-grader also be exposed to other sexual sins in first grade, adultery and pornography? Just because we have gay acquaintances or friends who commit adultery doesn’t mean that we celebrate it or talk about it in front of young children.”

So Uncle Bobby’s Wedding is pornography? And two women getting married is adultery? And while we’re on the subject: you have gay friends, but you won’t talk about that in front of your kids. Doesn’t sound like you’re very good friends, then, if they have to be shadowed away from your children.

The complaint filed with the school district chancellor isn’t the first big stink from these parents. They likewise complained when the district warned their child about “good touch, bad touch” because warning kids there are naughty people out there is inappropriate (unless they were warning them about homosexual people, natch) and called in the big guns when the school allowed for a Ramadan table in the cafeteria even though she says Islam doesn’t call for the kids to fast (they didn’t take this mom’s suggestion of a Lent table – although she fails to mention that the Catholic Church doesn’t call for kids to fast during Lent either).

If she wants to protect her kids’ innocence, what’s next? Will the school be sued when a teacher dies in a car accident because her kids shouldn’t have to learn about death so young?

It’s true, kids are innocent. That’s why we send them to school – to learn, to question and to grow up. The beauty of it all? They can decide what they want, based on the facts.

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