Mom Fired For Selling Girl Scout Cookies At Work


For three years running, Tracey Lewis says she sold her 12-year-old daughter’s Girl Scout cookies from her food cart at work with no problem from her employer.

Lewis works in food services at American University and sat a couple boxes on her cart to sell if anyone requested them.

“I had the cookies on a cart, and I would never ask anyone to buy them,” Lewis told “But, if they wanted to buy some, I would sell them.”

Lewis says she was fired without warning for selling the cookies. She ways that on Feb. 18 she was called into her boss’s office, and he told her she was being fired for selling the cookies out of her food cart, even though Lewis says she has done so for the past three years with no problem.

Lewis’s manager claims in a termination letter that Lewis committed “gross misconduct by soliciting,” and “operating a personal cash business selling Girl Scout cookies over the counter which violates company policy.”

Lewis says that’s ridiculous. It’s not like she can earn money from the cookies. Amy Graff, from The Mommy Files over on the SF Gate,¬†brings up a good point, though. “I can understand why her boss might think the Girl Scout cookies interfere with the sales of the other food items in the cart. A customer might opt to buy a box of Tagalongs instead of a chocolate chip cookie, but he should have given her a warning and asked her to stop selling the cookies before firing her.”

What do you think? Was firing Lewis a fair move? What about selling any of your kid’s stuff to your co-workers while at work? Raffle tickets for your son’s fundraiser? Chocolate bars for your daughter’s band uniform? Is this annoying but harmless or should it be banned?

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