Mom Gets Parking Ticket While Breastfeeding

breastfedWhen a sign says “no parking,” doesn’t that mean “no parking?” Apparently not when a woman is doing their biologically-appointed job of feeding their baby.

Women have come out in droves to protest the New York City meter reader who gave a woman a ticket for parking in a “no standing” zone so she could breastfeed her screaming baby.


She was, after all, just as guilty of a traffic infraction as anyone else in New York City who stopped for longer than it took to unload or pick up passengers (that’s the legal definition of no standing in New York State – you can stop temporarily to unload or load passengers. Period.)

Would the NY Times, Huffington Post, etc. be picking up on this story if this woman were doing the not-nearly-as-sainted act of feeding her child with a bottle? Methinks the act of breastfeeding is clouding the issue here.

She wasn’t ticketed for breastfeeding as many folks have said. She was ticketed for parking in a no standing zone. I’ve lived in New York City – you would be too.

So why are Enrique Velez and Marta Lily thinking they need extra special attention? They say the cop should have had a little extra humanity and looked the other way – they weren’t blocking anyone with their parking. What’s more, their son was HUNGRY and he wanted food – now.

I suppose the cop could have looked the other way for a hungry kid. That he didn’t, though, is neither here nor there when you consider the law. When you do the crime, folks, you do the time. He isn’t a monster for doing his job, any more than these parents were a bunch of monsters for putting themselves in a situation where they’d be in a car at mealtime (because no one thought of the child’s schedule beforehand?).

Do you think the parents should get out of their ticket?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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