Mom Gives Best Wedding Present Ever

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One mom uses the laundry to give her son a great wedding gift.

There are certain gifts of perspective that come as a result of being both a daughter and a mother. One of them is that – to borrow a phrase from Joni Mitchell – I’ve looked at laundry from both sides now. I know what it’s like to be the kid who dumps a giant load of clothes that are unsorted and inside-out on my mother, knowing that they will be returned to me clean, warm and neatly folded (albeit cursed over). I also know what it’s like to be a mother covered in poop-stained underwear looking up at the sky with her fist in the air shouting, “Why God? Why?!” But, most importantly, as both a mother and a daughter, I know what it’s like to face the dreaded “something left in a pocket” that got washed. And dried.

As the leavee, I usually end up leaving money in the pockets of my jeans, and to quote myself, “Aint nuthin’ wrong with a clean dollar bill.” But as the recipient of what’s been left in pants pockets, I have dealt with washed and dried purple lip gloss, which is really not fun, and totally why you should always, always, always check every pocket of every pair of pants before you do laundry. The mom who created this wedding gift, below, was clearly great at checking her son’s pants before they went into the wash, and it looks like her son was great at leaving stuff for her to collect.

  • Best Wedding Gift Ever 1 of 7
    Best Wedding Gift Ever
    A lamp containing everything Reddit user justgrant2009 left in his pockets during his childhood. The items were removed and collected by his mom while doing laundry. She dumped all of them into this lamp base and gave it to her son on his wedding day.
  • Highlighters, rocks… 2 of 7
    Highlighters, rocks...
    ...a matchbox car.
  • A fortune, a dollar… 3 of 7
    A fortune, a dollar... that an Oscar Mayer Wiener whistle? Or something a bit more risque?
  • Nail, screw, button… 4 of 7
    Nail, screw, button...
    This kid has clearly lost his marbles.
  • Foam bits, rulers… 5 of 7
    Foam bits, rulers...
    golf tee...
  • Note, tennis ball… 6 of 7
    Note, tennis ball...
  • The light… 7 of 7
    The light...
    ...of his mother's life. Aww. I love the way this looks! Have any of you made something like this for your kids?

All lamp photos via Imgur. Main image via iStock.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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