Mom Gives Birth into Her Sweat Pants Leg


Ah sweat pants, what can’t they do? You can take one more item off that list of things sweat pants can’t do: deliver a baby.

It’s not like Katherine Allen was new to baby making; she had twin sons already. So when she called the hospital after feeling labor pains, she wasn’t surprised when they told her to wait until the contractions were seven and a half minutes apart. What did surprise her was the amazing power of gravity.

On her way down the stairs, Katherine felt a huge urge to push. A moment later her partner, Alan Moore, caught sight of a lump traveling down her pant leg.

“I was watching Katherine about to start climbing the stairs when all of a sudden she started screaming saying the baby was coming. I couldn’t believe my eyes when it appeared and rolled down her leg — I was just thinking I can’t let it hit the floor and dived to catch it.”

He jumped and scooped up the newborn Hannah just as she fell out of the pant leg. Nice work Alan.

‘”I feel like I have done more in a few hours with my daughter than some dads manage in the first few months — it’s exhausting but fantastic.”

Well now I take offense. Why just this last weekend I played “catch the baby falling out of the pant leg” with my five-year-old daughter. It’s a great way to bond and beats the hell out of the McDonalds Playland.

The baby turned out fine and Katherine got to skip a trip to the hospital and now she thinks she’s found the secret to birthing babies: gravity.

“My other births definitely weren’t this easy and I will always recommend standing up to do it in future.”

Yes, Katherine, gravity is nice, but it’s not gravity that gave you a miracle baby. That would be the magic of sweat pants.

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