Mom Mad: 13-year-old Son Gets Dragon Tattoo on His Chest to Celebrate Surviving Cancer

The Boy with the Dragon TattooKids love tattoos. Just look at any party favor bag from a child’s birthday party and six out of ten times you will find a tattoo, albeit temporary. Most kids will have to wait until they are 18 before they get permanent ink. But some will go under the needle far before the legal age, and get in big trouble with Mom and Dad in the process. That’s just what happened to a 13-year-old boy from Centralia, Washington, who got a great big dragon tattoo on his chest, reportedly to celebrate surviving leukemia.

“He actually thought I was going to be proud of him,” his mom said to TV station KING5. “He considered [the tattoo] his badge of honor, saying that he is a cancer survivor.” But mom was not too happy about it when he came home, saying that she would not have given permission or approved of it. Some states allow a minor to get tattooed with parental permission, while in other states it’s completely illegal. The boy was reportedly with a family friend when he got it done, along with his 15-year-old brother, who got a tattoo as well.

Oh, and the kicker: this isn’t the boy’s first tattoo! He actually got a matching tattoo with his mom when he was younger. The two brothers, and their brand new tattoos, have since been grounded for the rest of the summer.

Image via Q13Fox

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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