Mom Moments on Mother's Day: Moms Share Favorite Photos of Themselves with Their Kids (Photos)

One mom who didn't let a baby keep her from hiking to the top!

One of my favorite things to do is take photos. However, I recently noticed I have about five good photos of me with my kids compared to 1005 photos of my husband with the kids.

It’s a common theme among the moms who submitted photos to me for this little project. As my colleague, Meredith Carroll said when I asked if she had a photo of herself and her kids I could use, “I have, like, two pictures of me with my kids over the past 3.5 years. I take all the pictures so I’m in none of them. Sad, right? My kids will never know what I looked like at this time in their lives.”

It is sad! Moms, we need to hand over the camera to dad more often and demand he take a few photos of us with our kids! And no need to try for that “perfect photo”. As you’re about to see, it’s the goofy, silly, unplanned moments that make for the photographs we’ll remember forever.

I managed to find a photo of myself with my children that my husband took and it’s definitely one of my favorites. Mostly because it’s one of the rare photos of me with both kids wherein I am wearing make-up and don’t look like ass, know what I’m saying?

Thank you to all the moms who submitted their favorite photos. Using your personal photos is my favorite and I am always blown away that people entrust me with these precious parts of their lives. The thing that struck me most was the pure love and joy with which each mom writes about her children. Moms rule!

Click onward to see my photo and those from several other mothers who sent me their favorite photos of themselves with their kids.

  • Danielle 1 of 10
    This photo is from Danielle of Extraordinary Mommy. She says "This one is my favorite recent photo because it captures a 'real' moment with me and my small people. This is how I love to be with them - surrounded, playing and laughing. Right now, they still love spending time with me. I will take full advantage of that as long as I possibly can. They ADORE playing practical jokes on me and at this age, there is nothing they love more that putting up 'bunny ears' behind me or putting something on my head at the moment a photo is snapped. It is enough to send them in to a fit of giggles. When I see this picture, I can actually hear Cooper laughing and feel Delaney pushed up against me. I can't help but be reminded of just how lucky am I when I see it."
  • Christy 2 of 10
    This is from Christy of the beautifully written blog, More Than A Weed. Christy, whose daughter is named Purslane and son (seen here) is called Knox says " I don't have any pictures of myself with both babes - too hard to get three humans all looking the same way when two of them are still being aged in months. But here is one of my favorites of myself with Knox getting some morning snuggles in." That face! Couldn't you just die?
  • Nicole 3 of 10
    Nicole says, "My favorite picture of Oria (then 5 months old) and I on Mother's Day last year. I carried her all the way up to the top of the Chief in the ergo carrier. If you want to know where that is its in Squamish, BC, and it's no walk in the park:) Great way to spend a day with the babe!" There's something sweet and special about Nicole's face in this photo that I really dig.
  • Eizabeth 4 of 10
    So Elizabeth sent me this photo and said here's a photo of me with my son and daughter and grandchildren. I seriously had to email back to clarify which one Elizabeth is in the pic. Damn, girlfriend. Looking good! Elizabeth tells me, "I love this photo because we're all together in it, and that's a rare thing anymore. They live in Kansas City and I'm in Dallas, so I only see them a few times a year. The boys are 5 and 3 now and I absolutely hate missing out on watching them grow up and spending time with them, but for various reasons none of us can move right now. We keep in touch as much as possible though. I know I'm biased but my kids are amazing people; I'm so proud of them." The photo is gorgeous but I still can't believe that woman is a grandmother! Rock on!
  • Belinda 5 of 10
    That belly is just begging for a couple raspberries from mama, isn't it? Belinda says, "I have thousands of photos of the kids but not that many of us three together which is kinda sad! This photo is 3 years old but I love it. My son's belly is adorable, what a chubba and my daughter is so cute! I must start taking more photos of us three together, with me not always behind the lens!
  • Serena 6 of 10
    This adorable photo comes to us from Serena who offers an explanation of what you're seeing. "I love this picture very much (even though in it I'm masked as an apple tree with a green worm on my (red) face) 'cause it was taken after a performance at my daughter's preschool, in which I acted together with other parents for our children. It was the first time in my life on a stage in front of a lot of people: I always avoided this kind of situations in the past, but I did it for her, 'cause I knew it was important for her to see her mother do something special only to make her proud. The smile and the look of awe and joy on her face when she saw me acting is something I will treasure for the rest of my life. The picture was taken right after the end of the performance, when she came to hug me... She looked into my eyes, staring me with curiosity (and maybe a bit scared) for the paint on my face. After the picture was taken I asked her if the show was fun for her, and she told me: 'Yes, mommy. But the best moment was when I saw you on the stage and I heard your voice!' My precious little girl."
  • Christina 7 of 10
    About this sweet moment in time Christina says, "This was taken by a friend the day after our daughter Annie was born. It is by far my favorite picture ever. You can barely tell, but I'm smiling as I kiss the top of new baby girl's head. I just feel the love every time I look at this picture." Love it!
  • Jenny 8 of 10
    This photo comes from Jenny who says, "I take literally thousands of photos of Jackson (my almost 8 year old), but this one has to be one of my favorites. I was trying for the perfect "family" photo of the two of us, but this outtake has my heart." So sweet.
  • Casey 9 of 10
    This super sweet photo comes from fellow Babble writer Casey who can also be found over on her awesome blog, Moosh In Indy. Casey says, "Ahh! This photo just makes me so happy. She was so willing to do such dorky faces with me one day while we waited in the car for Cody. I'm going to remember her dress, my necklace and that car for the rest of my life because of this photo." The curls! I love the curls. Reminds me of my Violet. Also, love the super cute mother/daughter goofing around moment. Instead of being all stuff and posted, these are usually the best kinds of moments to capture.
  • Monica 10 of 10
    Although it's a little too posed for my tastes this is a photo of myself with Violet and Henry that I really like. I look fairly presentable, both kids are in the picture and who can resist her pigtails or the grin on Guy Smiley's face there?

You can also find Monica on her personal blog, The Girl Who.

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