Mom Of Missing 10-Month-Old Reveals She Was Drunk The Night Lisa Irwin Disappeared

Lisa Irwin's mother reveals she was drunk the night her daughter disappeared.

Lisa Irwin has been missing for nearly two weeks.

As I first reported, Deborah Bradley tells police she put the 10-month-old in her crib and eventually went to bed. Jim Irwin, Bradley’s fiancé and Lisa’s father returned from work around 4am and says the baby was missing so he immediately called police.

In the days after Lisa Irwin’s disappearance the couple appeared to be upset about how police were treating them. At one point police say the couple stopped cooperating with the investigation, however Irwin and Bradley say that isn’t true.

Now, Deborah Bradley is telling PEOPLE magazine exactly what happened the night her daughter disappeared, revealing that she “drank enough wine at home while relaxing with a neighbor that she has no recollection of whether or not she checked on her daughter or turned off the house lights before she went to bed.”

Bradley says the alcohol may have even caused her to black out.  “It’s a possibility,” Deborah Bradley tells PEOPLE.

Bradley says that Irwin left to help renovate a Starbucks and she settled on the front porch with a neighbor and a box of wine.  She tells PEOPLE she put Lisa in her crib around 6:40 p.m.  Soon after that she found the baby standing in her crib and tucked her back in.  That is the last time Bradley says she saw her daughter.

“I had several glasses of wine,” Bradley told PEOPLE. More than five? “Probably.” Asked if she was concerned she might be drunk with her infant daughter inside, Bradley replied, “She was sleeping. I don’t have a problem with me having adult time.”

Bradley’s neighbor later told her that after they parted ways she saw the lights in the home go off.  However, Irwin allegedly returned home from his late shift to find a front window open, the front door unlocked, several inside lights on and their daughter missing.  Bradley can’t remember if, like her neighbor says, she turned off those lights, or whether an intruder turned them back on but she does believe someone entered through the open front window and took little Lisa.

Police have named no suspects yet their search for baby Lisa continues in the woods and landfills near the family’s Kansas City home.  Meanwhile, Bradley believes the baby is still alive.

“I firmly do not believe that somebody took my baby to hurt her,” says Bradley. “They really wanted that baby. That’s the hope that keeps me going. She’s still alive somewhere.”

As far as drinking wine while on mom duty:  “People are going to think what they think. Those people that are out there judging me, please, just look for her.”

What are your thoughts about this case?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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