Mom Plans Live Birth on the Internet

birthWant an unedited, raw look at childbirth? You’ll soon get one.  A first-time mom-to-be is planning to show her entire birth live online later this month.

She’s telling us only that her name is Lynsee (she’ll show us her hoo-ha, so it makes sense that we’re on a first-name basis) and she’s twenty-three, a teacher married to Anders.

The entire pregnancy is being documented on, with support from KARE-11, a TV station in the Twin Cities area (Lynsee lives in Minneapolis). They’re tracking her doctor’s appointments, her growth (there are pictures showing her tummy in different stages of baby bulge) and of course, the birth.

Lynsee told the TV station they think it will be a great memento for their child, but they also “hope to help answer any kinds of questions for other couples who are pregnant and going through the same issues.”

So what does she get out of it? She’s no Kate Gosselin – even a mega baby shower at the Mall of America benefited Families Moving Forward (a Minneapolis charity) rather than Lynsee and Anders.

But unlike TLC’s The Baby Story or even Jon and Kate, this will be a live show – no editing, no cutting back when things get rough. This is her first birth – and she has no idea what to expect. In fact much of the chronicling of her pregnancy in the Watch Lynsee Grow group at MomsLikeMe (which boasts almost one thousand members) details her questions. The back-and-forth with questions and answers from other moms and moms-to-be mirrors the support groups that crop up all over the internet for would-be parents. Of course, none of them are planning to give birth live in a few weeks.

Lynsee will be answering a lot of questions for people (and acting as instant birth control for some others – sorry, it’s a beautiful thing, but not to everyone). And heaven forbid something DOES go wrong, everyone will watch it go down (that’s the breaks when you go live).

The question is – would you do it? Would you even watch?

Lynsee is due Nov. 19 – if you’re game for watching, check out the Watch Lynsee Grow site to keep tabs on when she goes into labor.

Image: madaise via flickr

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