Mom Said She Was ‘Sending a Message to Tween Daughter by Having Her Arrested

Bad Kid
Is this the solution when all else fails?

Short of murder, maybe, is there anything so terrible your young children could do that would make you have them arrested?

A mom from Longmont, Colo., would have to answer that in the affirmative. Her 12-year-old daughter punched her in the face so she decided to have her arrested to “send her a message,” police said, according to The Denver Channel.

Police said the woman’s son said his sister had hit his mom in “the face and body several time and pushed her around.”

The tension between mother and daughter had started earlier the same day when the daughter didn’t want to get in the car when her mom picked her up from middle school, a verbal argument ensued and she ended up leaving her in a park next to school and drove home. The disagreement escalated several hours later after a series of events.

The police report indicated the mom said it was the second time her daughter had assaulted her and she “needed to send a message.”

The 12-year-old was handcuffed and arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor assault or harassment involving kicking, shoving or touching, and was taken to Boulder Juvenile Detention.

Tough love is something the best and most necessary kind of love, but what a shame this had to get that far. Who knows if the mom explored other avenues, such as psychologists and guidance counselors.

While the mom is undoubtedly sending her daughter a message by having her arrested, is it really one that’s going to resonant beyond being incarcerated to help fix the behavior that made her mom make the phone call to the police in the first place?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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