Mom Selling Baby Naming Rights on eBay

babynamingAnother out-of-work pregnant woman, another auction on eBay in the hopes that some mega corporation would love to see little Pepsi-Cola Wal-Mart Drummond running around Arkansas.

Do I feel sorry for his desperate mother? I’m trying.

Oh, I’m trying. Lavonne Drummond already has six kids and says the cost of childcare for them keeps her from getting a job.

Her husband is military – stationed in Virginia – and he helps support the family on his naval salary (which I can report probably isn’t much – it all depends on his rank, but the military is not known as a particularly generous employer). In her eBay Q&A, she says he’s flown the coop although the Fox News article skips out that crucial detail. But with Lavonne and the kids living states away from him,  Mr. Drummond would likely not receive the military housing allowance that’s factored in as part of Navy pay for her residence (as they’re already paying for his in Virginia).

It’s Lavonne’s sister who pays all her bills – literally all of them (rent, phone, water and gas). Lavonne told Fox News there are no jobs that will support a family of her size. So that totally calls for bringing another one into the brood, right? Any jobs out there in this economy that support seven kids? Anyone?

Yes, hindsight is 20/20 and all that, but let’s throw the OctoMom argument at Ms. Drummond. If you’re broke, you shut down the babymaking factory and make things work until you can get out from under your bills. THEN you try for baby number seven. You don’t saddle your kid with a name that will get his butt kicked seven ways to Sunday every time he steps on the playground just because you couldn’t handle money.

Lavonne’s response to that, by the way: ” i will honor the name chosen, but i pray that the winning bidder has a big heart and not get to eccentric.”

Or maybe this doesn’t matter at all. When bidders asked her to provide proof that she’s actually pregnant, Lavonne Drummond demurred claiming “a woman’s vanity” is keeping her from putting up a picture of her pregnant self. Too embarrassed to be seen with a big belly, but not worried that your kid will be embarrassed by his name? What a mother.

Feeling voyeuristic? Check out the auction – people are a’bidding!

Image: EBay

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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