Mom-Time Monday: Girls’ Night Out

moms night out
Girls’ night out is worth it’s weight in gold for a mom’s mental sanity.

Isn’t funny how quickly a week can pass by you? Last weekend I defiantly staked my claim on the right to cash in on some “me time”. I was full of intention. I meant every word. I tried.

And failed. Failed just shy of miserably.

Several of you stood up and raised your hand to join me in this post-partum journey of self-discovery and standing up for our lives outside of being mom. I let you down. I hope you did better than I did. I knew I failed when I told a fellow mom at the beginning of the week that my me-time so far was cooking dinner without a toddler under foot. Yeah. That makes me pretty pathetic, right?

Luckily a middle of the week impromptu girls’ night out saved me from having to write off this first week as a complete and utter failure. I stayed up hours past my child-like bedtime of 9pm, but it was worth every minute. It’s amazing what a night out of the house can do for your mental sanity, especially when the time is spent with a group of girlfriends that can relate to the chaos that is motherhood. Other moms, and even friends without children, help you realize that everybody’s life looks different, yet awfully similar at the same time. Everyone has their own struggles and their own triumphs. Everyone takes charge of their life in a different way. For some it’s a mid-week babysitter to get a bit of time for self-care. For others it’s going for a run or training for a race. Some families schedule when which parent will be in charge, while some come by the division of shared responsibilities more naturally. I’m pretty sure I have the worst napper of the bunch, but I don’t have the only early-riser and my son hasn’t yet reached the stage of rebellion and temper tantrums. It’s refreshing to see that not every parent has it all under control, even though it’s easy to be blinded by outward appearances.

So I might not have done the best in my battle against martyrdom, but I did take that tiny first baby step. Hopefully next week’s report is slightly more triumphant.

What did you do this week to take time to put yourself first?

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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