Mom Upset Over Sports Illustrated Magazine Placed Near Children’s Books

targetI was born and raised in Utah so I can’t really express surprise over the latest story from the beehive state that’s making the national rounds because, for a state that is so intent on populating the planet, residents there sure are uptight about sexuality.

As reports, a mom from a suburb of Salt Lake City was angry to find a Sports Illustrated magazine displayed next to children’s books at her local Target. She was so upset she scooped up her kids and hustled them in the other direction.

The offensive cover would be this one, celebrating the magazine’s 50th anniversary. Ursula Porter says she and her five kids saw the three models posed on the front in thong bikinis and no tops.

“It wasn’t like we were looking for the magazine,” she tells KSL. “The magazine was directly next to the children’s books.”

Porter complained to a manager who told her the magazines are specifically slotted to be in that location because vendors pay to have them displayed in certain spots. Nonetheless, the security manager agreed to move them for now, even though the vendors will place them back in the spots they pay for.

“Well the vendors do have certain planograms,” store manager, Jayme Mudrow, tells the NBC affiliate. “But we can move (them) around if we as a store team feel that they are inappropriate or if a guest brings something to our attention…”

Porter says she isn’t against Target selling the magazines, she just doesn’t think kids should see them. “It’s also the right of a parent to protect their children from such images … And I want to make sure that other children are not exposed to something that really they’re too young to see.”

So yeah, maybe the spot right next to the children’s books isn’t exactly ideal placement for this particular magazine cover, but is the best reaction as a parent really to get all gasp-y about the situation, make a huge deal by hustling your kids away from the scene, and complain to a manager? So many things expose kids to women in bikinis: the pool, the beach, commercials, Internet. Just move on. Why draw attention to it?

It’s that bizarre, puritanical attitude about stuff like this that really weirds me out. What’s the big deal? It’s women in bikinis, laughing, and smiling. Nothing inappropriate is going on. And if you really feel as a parent it’s inappropriate, use this as a calm, teachable moment as opposed to flipping out and rushing to a manager to complain.

What do you think? How would you handle a similar situation? Does the swimsuit issue qualify as an “adult magazine”?

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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