Mom Wear: From Fanny Packs to Elastic-Waist Denim, What the World Still Thinks Motherhood Looks Like

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Fleece: one of many "mom wear" classics.

You may not realize it, but we here at Strollerderby have tons of pitch emails to sort through on a daily basis, most for products with very tenuous connections to parenting. (From an actual pitch we got: “Whether you are standing for hours handing out candy, walking with your kids in their quest for treats or dancing in uncomfortable costume shoes at Halloween parties… foot pain can be horrifyingly excruciating. No tricks: scare away the pain of tired, aching feet with Topricin Foot Therapy Cream.”) So when we were sent an email shilling “Comfortable Colorful Denim for Busy Moms,” I started thinking: does the world still think that motherhood means wearing Mom Jeans?

Turns out, the answer is yes. I polled my over 3,000 Facebook friends and asked them, “What clothing screams ‘mom’ to you?” (besides the obvious: glittery thongs). Here’s what they told me.  I’m curious to know how many of these mom fashions you find yourself guilty of wearing!  I’m definitely guilty of a few…

  • Christmas Sweaters 1 of 10
    Christmas Sweaters
    Or holiday sweaters of any kind, really. Though the "tacky sweater" has become so synonymous with cheesy parenthood, the Internet is overrun with photos of hipsters, male and female alike, wearing them in an ironic homage to their childhoods.
    Photo via Flickr.
  • Yoga Pants (Worn for Non-Yogic Purposes) 2 of 10
    Yoga Pants (Worn for Non-Yogic Purposes)
    My friend Ann Carr's recent Tide Sport "Yoga Pants" commercial says it all.
    Photo via Photo via Flickr.
  • Elastic-Waist Jeans 3 of 10
    Elastic-Waist Jeans
    As my friend Jessie Baade put it, "They're not just mom jeans. The elastic waistband gives them a special touch."
    Photo via Travelsmith.
  • Rain Jackets 4 of 10
    Rain Jackets
    'nuff said.
    Photo via Flickr.
  • Comfy Shoes 5 of 10
    Comfy Shoes
    Be they Birkenstocks, Crocs, Sneaks or - if you're feeling fancy - 1" pumps, moms love to keep that footwear cozy!
    Photo via Birkenstock.
  • Turtlenecks 6 of 10
    This one hurts a little bit.
    Photo via Flickr.
  • Oversized T-shirts 7 of 10
    Oversized T-shirts
    Whether from a free giveaway or sporting a Disney character or your child's school logo, the baggy tee is often the unthinking go-to for moms on the run. I wore oversized tees more before I had a baby than after. Like yoga pants and comfy shoes, oversized tees are a staple of the SUNY student's wardrobe.
    Photo via Flickr.
  • Polo Shirts 8 of 10
    Polo Shirts
    For the swanky suburban mom classy enough to avoid oversized t-shirts.
    Photo via Hanes.
  • Visors 9 of 10
    Typically worn by those wealthy enough to afford the whole hat.
    Photo via Gastrochic.
  • Fanny Packs 10 of 10
    Fanny Packs
    Yes, women still wear these. With yoga pants and rain jackets.
    Photo via Flickr.

Main photo via Flickr

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