Mom Who Posed As Her Daughter to Help the Teen Cheat Faces Prison Time


Talk about helicopter parenting…

Police in France are questioning a 52-year-old mom who they think posed as her teen daughter, sneaked into Paris exam center and took a three-hour English Baccalauréat test. The test is the main diploma required to pursue university studies and is France’s equivalent of the SAT.

As reports, exam season is underway and the stress and pressure was apparently too much for one family. One mother reportedly dressed in converse baseball boots, jeans and slathered on a ton of make-up in her effort to pass as her daughter in order to take an English exam in the 19-year-old’s place. The mom even managed to be admitted to the exam hall and even began work on the test. But one of the officials in charge of the test who wanders the rows monitoring the test-takers happened to glance at the ID card, recognized the name, and remembered seeing the daughter taking a philosophy test a few days earlier.

The head of the exam center was notified but the staff didn’t approach the mom immediately because they didn’t want to disrupt other students. Instead they called police, who waited outside the testing room. The official quietly asked the mom to leave. “Thankfully, she left with no difficulties,” a lycée representative¬†told Le Parisien.

The woman was taken to a police station in Paris for questioning. It was not clear what sanctions the mother and daughter could now face but it’s been reported by several media outlets that she faces a maximum fine of nearly $12,000 and three years in jail for fraud. Her daughter could be banned from taking all official exams for five years.

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