Mom Wins Suit For Being Called Nazi Over Abortion

alicia-tysiakThe single mother who won a suit against the Polish government’s ban on abortion has gained her second success: a Catholic newspaper will have to pay her for equating her attempts to have her pregnancy terminated with murder and the Nazi regime.

Alicja Tysiac was already a mother of two in 2000 when she became pregnant again. Eye doctors advised against carrying the pregnancy to term because she was likely to lose her vision, but doctors refused the terminate the pregnancy.

Abortion is illegal in Poland unless the health of the mother or unborn child is at risk. Which is why Tysiac won her first suit, brought to the European Court of Human Rights. They said she should have been granted the abortion of therapeutic grounds. Instead, she gave birth and later suffered the feared retinal hemmorhage which has severely diminished her sight and may still cause her to go blind.

When news came out about her suit, Tysiac quickly became a target in her homeland. A Roman Catholic magazine, in particular, published an attack on her, calling her a killer and equating her wish for an abortion with Nazi crimes.

That, a judge said this week, was too far. They have the right to make clear their moral disapproval of abortion, but not vilify an individual, the judge said.

Tysiac is a single mother who now has virtually no vision. Say what you want about the rights of a fetus, but now there are three kids with a mom with diminished capacity to care for her kids. It’s hard to fault a mother for trying to take care of her kids.


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