MomCrunch Soup: Social Media News You May Have Missed

Is it really August 19th? Well, according to the calendar on my laptop, it is. Plus it’s also apparently Friday, so that means it’s time for my round up of the week’s news!

So, in case you missed it, here are the most interesting (and odd) social media news items from this week.

A Million Dollar Tweet? Apparently a blogger did a bit of research on a plastic surgeon after seeing his commercial, wrote up a blog post, sent out a tweet, and then got slapped with a million dollar lawsuit. This should be interesting.

Photographer refuses to photograph Facebook Mean Girls. A photographer realized that the nasty girls she saw viciously harassing their fellow students on Facebook were all scheduled for photo sessions with her, and she decided to turn them away as customers. After taking screenshots and sending them to the girls’ parents, of course.

You can now start Google+ Hangouts in YouTube. Okay, that may have just crossed my threshold for social media geekery.

• And at last, “retweet” and “sexting” are officially in the dictionary. Aw! You remember dictionaries, don’t you?

• Okkkaaaayyyyy… PayPal Co-Founder has invested heavily in an off-shore Libertarian Utopian dream. Yes, they want to build “city-states” on floating pavilions that will be “free from the regulation, laws, and moral suasion of any landlocked country.” Alrighty then. Points for using “suasion” in a sentence, though.

The iPad 3 may be coming next year! I’m still waiting to get an iPad 1. Or any computer made in this decade. Either one.

Incredibly stupid and offensive Nivea ad is pulled thanks to social media backlash. Seriously, who the hell was asleep at the switch for that one?

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