Moms Brawl At Kids’ Talent Show (Video)

momfightIt’s a rite of passage for every parent: their child’s concert, play, pageant or talent show.

That was the scene of a fight this week at Lakeview Elementary School except the fight wasn’t between children, it was between their mothers.

The group of parents were gathered as their children performed on an elevated stage at the front of the room.

Jessica Tyler can be seen sitting down in the foreground of the video watching the kids on stage except her view is blocked by Latisha James who is standing in front of her. She gets up a couple times to ask the woman to sit down. The second time she shoves her way up to take a photo of the kids on stage but as she returns to her seat she appears to knock down Latisha James’ toddler who is standing next to her mother.

James follows Tyler to her seat and begins to shout at her before the women come to blows. I gotta be honest, while I would never get in a fistfight at my daughter’s elementary school, if someone pushed my toddler, all bets are off.

As the Christian Post reports Tyler says she had asked James to sit down and that James cursed at her in response. Tyler told WFTV: “I walked up to the lady, I asked her just to kneel down for a second, just so I could get a picture of my niece, and she said, ‘No, I ain’t ——- sitting down’.”

The women’s behavior is appalling, especially at an elementary school filled with children. But tell me, what would you do if someone knocked your toddler down as Jessica Tyler appears to do in the video below?

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