Moms Have Gone Digital: New Study Results

ShareThis-MomsStudy_May2013-FINAL-11There is no doubt that the folks that do product marketing want to reach moms, and so it’s not a surprise that studies such as the recent “Wired for Sharing: Social Moms Study” by Digitas and Share This continue to be conducted.

What is surprising is the vastness of this study 200,000 mothers were included offering a much greater wealth of data than usual. So what did the study show? Well, nothing those of us in the blogosphere would find particularly shocking, but interesting nonetheless.

• Moms are three times more likely to share: 30 percent of the moms in the study shared some type of content during the month, compared to a network sharing rate of 10 percent by average users.

• Pinterest is a major player: While the general population shares on Facebook 56 percent of the time, moms are sharing most with a combination of Pinterest (29 percent) and Facebook (34 percent).

• Moms have more influence: Compared to the number of clicks the average user gets on their shared content, moms have the edge—they generate 8.22 percent more clicks per share of content.

• Moms are most active in the afternoon. The best time to reach moms online is around 3 p.m., after lunch but before the dinner time rush – in contrast to 8:00 p.m., which is the most active time for the general population.

• Parenting and entertainment content is key: A third of the content that moms share is either parenting-related (18 percent) or focused on TV and movies (15 percent).

Here’s the full results. What do you think? Any shocking news? I did find the click-thru rates element interesting, how about you?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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