Moms Suing Gender Predictor for Wrong Gender

new_york_momAnother day, another woman who apparently needs a lesson in how pregnancy works.

Keven Duffy blames a gender prediction test manufacturing company for the end of her marriage. They said she was having a boy – just like her husband wanted. Turns out, she was actually carrying a girl, and Duffy says the company’s at fault for the stress that led to divorce.

OK, she does realize she would have had a girl REGARDLESS of the test? And Mr. Duffy gets that the genetic material that made a daughter came from his contribution to the sexual equation, right?

Duffy is one of a group of women suing the Baby Gender Mentor for providing them with incorrect results in a test the company claims to be ninety-nine point nine percent accurate or your money back! With samples sent in to a lab for testing, moms say they felt there was less room for error. The test is supposed to assess at just five weeks the gender of the fetus, which is way before any of the medical tests in a doctor’s office – and more than a month earlier than the new home test that just hit the market.

I can’t blame most of the women for suing for their money back – after all, the company says “or your money back,” and they say they didn’t get it. That’s adding sleaze on top of sleaze.

But it’s a lot harder to feel sorry for them when you read that they blew $275 on this thing . . . just to know something they’d find out for sure in nine months anyway. Heck, if they’re lucky, in two and a half months at the sonogram. Don’t they have better things to spend their money on? Like, oh, I don’t know, a crib? A breast pump?

Is it nice to find out what you’re having? Sure thing. I was willing to try at my husband’s request. In the end, it didn’t happen – she kept her legs clamped together during our sonogram. It didn’t make or break my pregnancy. And it didn’t change anything (yup, Ms. Duffy, I would have had a daughter ANYWAY).

Were these women duped or just suckers?

Image: New York Post

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