Monster High: An Edgy Rival for Barbie

If your little girl thinks Barbie is boring and the Moxie Girlz are too mainstream, perhaps she would prefer something a little edgier.  No, not Bratz.  Those girls may be making a comeback soon, but there are some new dolls in town that make those pouty-lipped ladies look positively preppy.  They are Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein, the girls of Monster High.

Previously seen only on the back page of the Justice catalog, these freaky little monster dolls are about to hit the big time.  Created by Mattel, they come complete with scars, excess body hair and a creepy back story.   Draculaura, daughter of Dracula, is a vegan who faints at the sight of blood.  Her best friend Clawdeen Wolf is the offspring of a Werewolf and obsessed with plucking and shaving her body hair.  And Frankie Stein is, of course, the daughter of Frankenstein and sports similar neck stitches and “scary cute clothes.”

The three, along with some monster pals, represent the latest franchise by Mattell and are getting the royal treatment as the dolls, videos, books, clothes and accessories are rolled out in a major marketing push.  But will girls want to play with dolls that look like creatures from a Tim Burton film?  Tim Kilpin, general manager for Mattel Brands, thinks so.

“They’re fun characters to build a world around. Who doesn’t feel like a freak in high school? It started with that universal truth.”

Wait a minute.  High school?  Do high school girls play with dolls?  Mattel seems think so.  The soon-to-be-released Monster High book series is aimed at young adults and the franchise has a Facebook page.

Here’s my prediction:  Monster High may be embraced by a few high school girls, but will mostly find fans in much younger girls. Girls who won’t just want to play with the dolls but will also want to read the books, play the online games and watch the inevitable movie.  These books, games and movies will feature story lines that involve looking hot, hooking up and going shopping.  I hate them already.

Image: Monsterhighdolls

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