More Things Moms Should Never Post On Facebook

After yesterday’s post about 7 Things Moms Should Never Post on Facebook, I got a few more suggestions of things to add to the list. In general, friends and family seemed to agree that moms shouldn’t post about doing laundry, their kid’s potty habits, or their teenager’s romantic life. But my friend Susan, the mother of four who created the blog Little Ladies Who Lunch, admitted that she’s guilty of sometimes posting TMI on Facebook. “Here is the way I see it: there is so much drama in my home that when something good happens I want to shout about it from the rooftops,” said Susan, adding that “I’m nosy so I want to read it all except for hate-filled political or religious rants.” I’m pretty nosy too, but there are some things I wish I hadn’t read (of course, I know, I can always go ahead and hide someone if they post about their laundry too often).

Including some of the feedback I got from readers yesterday, here is a list of More Things Mom Should Never Post on Facebook:

  • Your Nipples 1 of 5
    Your Nipples
    Breastfeeding moms need all the help and support they can get and I have no problem with moms asking each other breastfeeding questions on Facebook or posting about their concerns. But there's no need to talk about your cracked, pussy infected nipples in detail.
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  • Your Son’s Circumcision 2 of 5
    Your Son's Circumcision
    Mazel Tov! Of course, go ahead and let us know when the blessed day is and we'll post our congratulations. But please don't make jokes about your son's wiener.
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  • Your Sex Life 3 of 5
    Your Sex Life
    Moms deserve good sex too and we're happy you're getting some. But please don't tell us about this morning's quickie after school drop-off. That's the definition of TMI.
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  • You’re a Bad Mom 4 of 5
    You're a Bad Mom
    Stop saying you're a bad mom. You're not a bad mom for giving your kid a lollipop or for letting her watch extra TV. If you were really a bad mom, you wouldn't be "confessing" about it on Facebook.
    Photo: Little Girl With a Lollipop/

  • Your Daughter’s Angst 5 of 5
    Your Daughter's Angst
    Your little girl is a moody, PMS-ing teen. Of course, you should feel free to vent to friends and family, but don't tell us about how cute her little boobies are or that she just got her period.
    Photo: Young Girl With Attitude/

Does it drive you crazy when moms post TMI on Facebook? Or do you think anything’s game when it comes to Facebook? Can you think of anything I forgot to include?

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